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    2176 Lauwilliwilli Ste 1 unit 29
    2176 Lauwilliwilli Ste 1 unit 29
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    Welcoming Veterans Home Here at Fairway,
    we are proud to help our Service Members and Veterans achieve the American Dream of homeownership. Home loans backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provide affordable home financing options for eligible Service Members, Veterans and surviving spouses.

    A Little bit about me.


    My father was a Marine so I of course being a military brat I learned that moving every few years was just a way of life.  One thing my father taught me at a very young age was that real-estate is a way to build wealth.  He told me that using his Military benefit’s to purchase a home in just about every US territory we moved to, would in turn build a great retirement income for not only him but also for our family.

    He mentioned that most military don’t really understand how to use the COE or don’t take it seriously and end up losing out on such a great benefit.   


    SO don’t go buy that fast fancy car!  Use your money that UNCLE sam gives you to build wealth. Your BAH..

    Because of his advise I have made it one of my missions to help get the word out so that our veterans will have something tangible and worthwhile when you retire from military. 

    Don’t wait Get ahold of me today to learn more. 

    Mahalo for your service,


    Kevin Collman Branch Manager Military Loan Specialist with Fairway Independent Mortgage NMLS# 1195718 Military Specials Offered

    VA Loan Highlights

    Since VA loans often require no down payment* with lower closing costs, you can help keep your savings secure.

    VA loans also feature: No prepayment penalties

    No private mortgage insurance (PMI)

    100% financing with full VA entitlement*

    Fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgages

    VA financing fees can be “rolled” into the loan amount

    Variety of eligible property types, including townhomes and VA-approved condos

    *A down payment is required if the borrower does not have full VA entitlement, or if the loan amount is greater than $721,050 in Honolulu Hawaii.

    Call me today to learn more about Hawaii Military Mortgage Loans.


    VA Loan Eligibility


    In order to be eligible for a VA loan, you must first obtain a valid Certificate of Eligibility (COE).

    Your COE is based on length of service or service commitment, duty status and character of service.


    VA Loan Programs


    Adjustable-Rate Mortgage If you are currently serving in the military with a chance of relocating in the next few years, the flexibility of an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) could be the right option for you.

    ARMs offer lower introductory interest rates that can change after the initial fixed-rate period. Depending on market fluctuations after this initial fixed-rate period, your monthly payments could change due to rates increasing or decreasing.

    Fixed-Rate Mortgage Fixed-rate mortgages protect you against rising rates since the interest rate remains the same for the entire term of the loan.

    You can select a 30- or 15-year loan term. The main difference is the 15-year option has higher monthly payments, which also means you are building home equity faster.

    Keep in mind you can use equity as a down payment for your next home or a future cash-out refinance.

    If you plan on staying in your home for a longer time frame, a fixed-rate mortgage could be the right solution for you.


    Cash-Out Refinance


    If you’re already a homeowner, a cash-out refinance may help you pay for major expenses like college tuition, debt or home improvements. This option allows you to take cash out of your home equity by replacing your current mortgage with a new loan.

    You can also refinance a non-VA loan into a VA loan with a cash-out refinance.

    Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan An interest rate reduction refinance loan (IRRRL) may help lower your interest rate and reduce your monthly payments by refinancing your existing VA loan. You can also refinance an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) into a fixed-rate mortgage with this option. However, you cannot receive cash from loan proceeds with an IRRRL.


    If you are interested in a VA loan, please contact Kevin Collman at 808-731-8665 or you can apply online here:

    Or Book a time for a quick 15 min Q&A call. Here:

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